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Patrick Hart ’06 & Scott Storm ’08

We actually met because, yes, we were set up at Screw Your Roommate! It was February of 2006 — Scott was a sophomore and I was a senior. I had been set up with someone else but he dropped out at the last minute, and my friends scrambled to find a match. For Screw, we dressed up as Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, and eventually found each other in the chaos of Sharples that evening.

Scott and I hadn't met before, but he had seen me trying to get Swatties to volunteer for Democratic candidates in Parrish Parlors, and hence tried to avoid me. : ) His first thought when we met was, "Huh, it's that guy." But we had a lovely burrito bar dinner in Sharples and a lovely time at the dance that night, and pretty soon, we were officially boyfriends.

We had a really fun spring that year, doing dates at "fancy" local restaurants like Peace a Pizza and Bertucci's, taking in local cultural attractions like the Philly Art Museum and the Barnes Foundation, and doing an epic walk through Philly culminating at Penn's Landing. But as the school year came to an end, we always knew our relationship had an expiration date, since I was graduating and heading home to Boston and Scott was staying in Pennsylvania for the summer, and then of course had two more years at Swat. So we sadly had to say our goodbyes...

But we remained friends for years, and then in 2010, I came to visit Scott in Media, where he was then living, and our relationship started to rekindle. We got back together, were married in Boston in 2015 (with our wedding co-officiated by Kenan Jaffe ’06 and Katie Santohigashi ’08 and our wedding parties being full of Swatties), and now live in NYC. I work at the City University of New York and help support nonprofit organizations, and Scott teaches English at an NYC public school and is completing his PhD in education at NYU. Swat played a huge role in getting us together, and we're so happy to still have so many Swatties in our lives today!

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