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Ninjas Invade Swarthmore for Annual Valentine's Day Tradition

Valentine's Day at Swarthmore is anything but ordinary. Every February 14th, the campus is infiltrated by hordes of ninjas intent on spreading Valentine's Day cheer. They lurk in our hallways, sneak around our classrooms, and ambush our friends with their signature screech, "Ninjaaaaagrammmmmm!" Sometimes, more than one ninja converges on a space, the result being a spectacular reenactment of a popular movie in a packed lecture hall. Their mission is simple: to deliver hand-made Valentine's Day cards and ninja joy to all of Swarthmore College.

For a mere $3, students can send a NinjaGram to their unsuspecting friends, significant others, or professors. All that is left to do is watch and wait as the ninjas sneak into our lecture halls and use hilarious ambush and deceit to say, "I love you." If that were not enough, all proceeds from the NinjaGram onslaught go to charity. In past years, proceeds have gone to organizations like Independent Thought & Social Action International in India and the Student-Run Emergency Housing Unit of Philadelphia.

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