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Every St. Valentine's Day, students fan out across campus for what may be the greatest ninja-powered Valentine's Day card delivery system the world has ever known. Whether they're lurking in the halls, surprising unsuspecting students and professors, or staging spectacular reenactments of popular movies in packed lecture halls, you can be sure that they have only one mission: to deliver handmade Valentine's Day cards and ninja-themed comedy to the community.

Best of all, the profits from the ninjagram sales go to charity. In previous years, the Animal Coalition of Delaware County, Swat Sudan, Hurricane Katrina Relief, and Earthlust have received support. In 2010, students were proud to send over $1,000 to Haiti Community Support, contributing to relief efforts after the catastrophic earthquake. In 2011, ninjagrams supported Global Neighbors and the CADES program, which also sent relief to Haiti. Last year, proceeds went to Independent Thought & Social Action International in India, co-founded by Riana Shah '14. This year, proceeds benefit the Student-Run Emergency Housing Unit of Philadelphia.

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