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Nate Urban '18 Lending Helping Hand at Democratic National Convention

Nathan Urban '18

Delaware County Daily Times: Volunteers have far from a cushy job at the DNC

If Philadelphia has history in making history, no doubt it’s due to volunteers like Nate Urban '18 and Alexa Grollman who have been dedicating countless hours in turning the 2016 Democratic National Convention into a reality.

Urban, a 20-year-old from Swarthmore, has carved out his time to raise funds on the DNC’s finance team and Alexa Grollman, 45 of Wynnewood, Pa. was behind the “Donkeys Around Town” outdoor exhibit featuring 57 donkey statutes, one for each state and territory.

Urban comes from a civically engaged family as his mom, Joan, worked in Chicago politics more than 30 years ago.

For the last year, the Swarthmore College junior with an honors major in political science has been raising money for the event.

“I think what’s been really cool is the way we started,” he said, adding that it was only a small organization at its onset. “It was a handful of staffers and now it’s this big group.”


Feeling excitement as he viewed the banners hanging around Philadelphia, Urban said he hopes everyone who comes feels it too.

“I want everything to go as smoothly as possible for everybody involved,” Urban said, adding that coordinating such an event is like overseeing a million moving parts. “All I want is for everything to go smooth and for Philadelphia to come across as the amazing place that it is.”

Read the full article at the Delaware County Daily Times.

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