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Lotring's Sekar Ginotan

presented by the Department of Music Ensemble: Gamelan Semara Santi (Balinese Classical Percussion Orchestra) Composition/composer: Sekar Ginotan, composed by I Wayan Lotring ca. 1930. Artistic directors: I Nyoman Suadin and Thomas Whitman Recorded: December 9th 2007 in Lang Concert Hall Music composed by I Wayan Lotring (ca. 1898-1983); as taught by I Madé Gerindem, village of Teges, Central Bali (d. 1989) Gender Rambat Soloists: Mark Loria, Abram Lipman Suling (bamboo flutes): Laura Keeler, I Nyoman Suadin "Sekar Ginotan takes its name from a common flower. It was composed by I Wayan Lotring, one of the most influential composers of twentieth-century Bali. He was particularly famous for spiking his compositions with unpredictable rhythms and asymmetrical gong cycles. There are four main parts heard on this recording: a fast introductory section for the full ensemble; a slower section; a section in medium tempo; and a fast closing section. This final section is itself composed of two contrasting types of music: a fast, loud ostinato alternating with a quirky and rhythmically lopsided passage. The composition concludes with a graceful fade into silence." ~ Tom Whitman, Associate Professor of Music

Lotring's Sekar Ginotan

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