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"Get on the Vote Boat!"


That's the message students are giving each other to encourage participation this Election Day. Vans will be running from Parrish Circle to polling sites in Swarthmore Borough throughout the day. For those who wish to walk, students have drawn chalk guidelines to point the way. The anticipation on campus is almost palpable.

"I'd call the mood nervous excitement," says Peter Gross '13, an honors political science and economics major from the Bronx. "Those of us volunteering are excited for this to be over, but nervous about the outcome."

"I think that people are excited," agrees Victoria Barber '13, a chemistry major from Ardsley, N.Y. "because, for many of us, it's our first time voting."

"We've been doing a lot to make people understand how important the vote is and why the young vote especially will have a huge impact in 2012," adds Lisa Sendrow '13, a history and sociology and anthropology major from Princeton, N.J.

Several locations on campus will host election result coverage, including Upper Tarble and Mephistos. Richter Professor of Political Science Carol Nackenoff and the political science department will also stream election results onto three big screens in Trotter Hall. The plan is to have the them up and running so that students will we able to watch three different news networks for results. 

More information about voter registration and local polling stations

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