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Down to a Fine Art

Over a seven-week span this spring, 16 senior art majors showcased thesis exhibitions in the College's List Gallery. Varying in media from functional ceramics and light sculptures to paintings, prints, drawings, architectural studies, and collages, these exhibitions, which are made possible by the Ann Trimble Warren ’38 Exhibit Endowment, represent the capstone of each student’s course of study at Swarthmore.

See photos of the exhibitions below, in order of the date they occurred.

Anna Marfleet '19

Anna Marfleet '19, "Empty Places, Long Faces"

Tiye Pulley '19

Tiye Pulley '19, "Empty Places, Long Faces"

Anna Marfleet '19 and Tiye Pulley '19

Anna Marfleet '19 and Tiye Pulley '19, "Empty Places, Long Faces"

Leah Brumgard '19

Leah Brumgard '19, "Tenuous/Transient"

Wendy Ziyue Wu '19

Wendy Ziyue Wu '19, "Tenuous/Transient"

Simona Dwass '19

Simona Dwass '19, "control & lack thereof"

Maximillian Barry '19

Maximillian Barry '19, "control & lack thereof"

Guin Mesh '19

Guin Mesh '19, "control & lack thereof"

Guin Mesh '19

Simona Dwass '19, Maximillian Barry '19, and Guin Mesh '19, "control & lack thereof"

James Garcia '19

Dyami Andrews '19, "Texture"

Laela Ezra '19

Laela Ezra '19, "Motion"

Dyami Andrews '19

James Garcia '19, "Mass"

Angela Xena Wang '19

Angela Xena Wang '19, "Meditation/Collisions"

May Htet '19

May Htet '19, "Meditation/Collisions"

Taty Hernandez '19

Taty Hernandez '19, "My Grandmother's Whispers"

Dorcas Tang '19

Dorcas Tang '19, "My Grandmother's Whispers"

Dorcas Tang '19 and Taty Hernandez '19

Taty Hernandez '19 and Dorcas Tang '19, "My Grandmother's Whispers"

Yixuan Maisie Luo '19

Yixuan Maisie Luo '19, "Egg"

Umi Keezing '19

Umi Keezing '19, "Egg"

Umi Keezing '19

Yixuan Maisie Luo '19 and Umi Keezing '19, "Egg"

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