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Bryce Bussert ’23 & Anna Bussert ’23

We met on a bus on the way back from a tutoring orientation, where Anna was a little confused why Bryce kept talking to her. We then became friends and gained appreciation and respect for each other through the Swarthmore Christian Fellowship — and through mutual friend/legendary Swattie Daniel Swanson ’21. Over COVID, we wrote letters back and forth, Anna's written on fancy stationery and Bryce's on such items as a Teddy Grahams box and a Georgia wetlands map. We fell in love and started dating in September 2020, learned Greek together for a year and a half under Prof. Kyle Mahoney, and got married in June 2022 (the summer before our senior year)! We've been loving both marriage and college as we enter our last semester at Swarthmore, together.

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