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Brian Huser ’13 Receives Fellowship for Early-Career STEM Teachers

Brian Huser '13

Brian Huser '13

The Knowles Science Teaching Foundation (KSTF) recently awarded Brian Huser ’13 with a five year-teaching fellowship, recognizing him as an exceptionally talented, early-career science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics (STEM) teacher.

The fellowship offers teaching materials, opportunities for professional and leadership development, and mentoring to the 32 recipients for 2014. The goal is to improve STEM education by developing a cadre of talented and dedicated teachers in these subjects.

A math teacher for Lighthouse Community Charter School in Oakland, Calif., Huser cites the chance to “be part of a community of passionate and knowledgeable teachers” as a key of the fellowship, along with “being supported in conceptualizing and living out what it means to be a teacher-leader.”

A Cleveland, Ohio native, Huser majored in film and media studies and math at Swarthmore. He explored math education through various roles, such as working as a private tutor for middle school students and as a clinician in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics. He also worked with math students from various levels as a math assistant and residential teaching assistant.

To further explore the intricacies of teaching, Huser enrolled in the Stanford Teacher Education Program, completing a master of arts in education earlier this year.

“It fills me up to watch students grow over time, and to have a hand in that growth,” he says. “Through teaching, I get to spend that sort of meaningful time with people, while working to address social inequality. It’s a no-brainer.”

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