Black Liberation 1969 Student Projects


From left to right: Xavier Lee '17, Laura Laderman '15, Professor of History Allison Dorsey, Patricia Gutierrez-Fregoso '15, Alis Anasal '15, Davis Logan '17, Alli Shultes '15, Haydn Welch '15, María Mejía '15, Olivia Ortiz '16, Martin Froger-Silva '16, Nora Kerrich '16, Anisa Knox '15, Noah Morrison '17, and Clinton Etheridge '69.

Alis Anasal '15

Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Major: Special major in History and Education
Historical Narrative: "Black Philosophies of Liberation": Student Activism and Institutional Identity
Creative Arts Projects: Admissions: Visualizing Black Student Voices (A Series of Installations done in collaboration with Davis Logan)

Martin Froger-Silva '16

Hometown: Bethesda, Md.
History and Film & Media Studies
Historical Narrative: Fighting for a Voice: Failure of Dialogue, Lack of Transparency, and the January 1969 Admissions Office Sit-in
Creative Arts Projects: Mapping the Sit-In January 1969

Patricia Gutierrez-Fregoso '15

Hometown: Santa Maria, Calif.
Major: Special Major in Latin American Studies
Historical Narrative: Perceptions of violence: Black student activism at Swarthmore College 1969
Creative Arts Projects: Preserving Complex Histories in Accessible Storytelling: Presenting the 1969 SASS Occupation to Children

Nora Kerrich '16

Hometown: Chappaqua, N.Y.
Special major in History and Education
Historical Narrative: The political education of SASS
Creative Arts Projects: Three Interactive Workshops on SASS at Swarthmore 1968-1972

Anisa Knox '15

Hometown: Princeton, N.J.
Major: Special major in Chinese Language and Literature
Historical Narrative:
Social Enfranchisement and Autonomy: Black Culture at Swarthmore College, 1968-1972
Creative Arts Projects: Black Bodies Unmasked: Defining the Black Aesthetic at Swarthmore

Laura Laderman '15

Hometown: San Francisco, Calif.
Major: Physics
Historical Narrative:
Unpacking Diversity at Swarthmore College, 1964 to 1970 and today
Creative Arts Projects: Change Over Time

Xavier Lee '17

Hometown: South Orange, N.J.
Major: English Literature
Historical Narrative:
Black Studies at Swarthmore: 1968-1970
Creative Arts Projects: Interview with Alice Andrews '69

Davis Logan '17

Hometown: Richmond, Ind.
Major: Political Science
Historical Narrative:
Swarthmore's Heritage: How Quaker Ideals Affected the Actions and Thoughts of the Swarthmore Administration and Faculty during the 1969 Occupation of Parrish Hall by SASS
Creative Arts Projects: Admissions: Visualizing Black Student Voices (A Series of Installations done in collaboration with Alis Anasal)

María Mejía '15

Hometown: Bronx, N.Y.
Major: History
Historical Narrative:
Perspectives on Class in the Black Student Movement at Swarthmore College, 1968-1973
Creative Arts Projects: Tending to the Past: Materials from the Black Philosophies of Liberation

Noah Morrison '17

Hometown: New York, N.Y.
Major: Special major in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
Historical Narrative:
Perceptions of Radicalism among SASS Members, Swarthmore Faculty, Alumni, Local and National Media, 1968-1969
Creative Arts Projects: Fragments of '69

Olivia Ortiz '16

Hometown: Canton, Ga.
Major: Mathematics
Historical Narrative:
Perceptions of SASS: Inside and Out
Creative Arts Projects: Black Liberation 1969: The Playlist

Allison Shultes '15

Hometown: Queensbury, N.Y.
Major: English Literature
Historical Narrative:
From Behind Closed Doors: The Crisis of Control within the Faculty in Response to the 1969 SASS Occupation
Creative Arts Projects: The Phoenix Supplements 2.0

Haydn Welch '15

Hometown: Silver Spring, Md.
Major: Special major in Middle Eastern Studies
Historical Narrative:
Militant Protestors and Swarthmore and Exceptionalism: How Swarthmore College Reacted to the SASS Admissions Office Takeover
Creative Arts Projects: Origins of the Black Cultural Center: SASS's Efforts to Make a Space for Black Students at Swarthmore