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Associate Director of Gender Initiatives Nyk Robertson on the Importance of Pronouns

Nyk Robertson

KYW Newsradio: How gender identity and some 'old English' come together on International Pronoun Day

Words like "thou," "thy" and "thee" are making a comeback for those who do not identify as male or female.

"We do revert back to that old English, because it is something where we evolved from," said Nyk Robertson, associate director of gender and sexuality initiatives at Swarthmore College.

"Folks who really don't feel like their gender matches male or female," Robertson said. "It's how they feel, and if that label fits them, then that's their label, and it has nothing to do with anyone else policing that identity for them, or a check box that has to hold any of their identities."

Robertson, who also identifies as non-binary, says the goal is take away this stress from students, so they can focus on their education.

"College really allows students to develop into who they are, find themselves," Robertson added.

Robertson speaks with KYW Newsradio:

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