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2020: The Year In Photos

Throughout the year, staff photographer Larry Kesterson took over 1,000 photos on campus; here are 12 of his favorite from 2020:

Student closes eyes while holding candle during nighttime vigil

MLK Commemoration Candlelight Vigil in remembrance of those who have suffered—and are suffering—injustices in the fight for equity and inclusion at the Black Cultural Center (Jan. 22, 2020​.).

Time-lapse night photo of Singer Hall

Singer Hall at night (Jan. 22, 2020).

Dormitory building lit up near twilight

Night view of David Kemp Hall (Jan. 22, 2020​).

Student laying on ground reads book outdoors

A student studies ​alone on Parrish Beach (March 2, 2020).

Cherry blossom trees in full bloom

​Spring blooms in front of Wharton​ Hall on an ​empty campus due to the COVID-19 pandemic (March 18, 2020​).

Woman puts on mask while looking at herself in the mirror

President Valerie Smith​ prepares to​ film her​ virtual​ commencement speech ​(May 10, 2020​).

Bell tower in background underneath blue sky with white clouds

Sun​ shines​ through the Clothier Tower​ (Aug​.​ 6, 2020​).

Students observe social distancing outdoors while standing on separate squares

“Speed-friending” on social distancing squares as part of first year student orientation  (Sept​. 2, 2020​).

Seated professor teaches small class outdoors

Professor of Religion Mark Wallace teaches class ​outdoor​s​ (Oct. 2, 2020​).

Students dance outdoors during night with light-up headphones

Students are illuminated by headphones while dancing to a “silent disco” on Parrish Beach (Oct. 17, 2020).

Students walk outside in tall grass

Sue MacQueen, Scott Arboretum Campus Engagement Coordinator, guides a walk in the Crum​ Woods​ to teach participants Shinrin Yoku, "forest bathing," the practice of being still with nature to reflect and absorb the calm it offers (Nov. 16, 2020​).

Outdoor arches framed in shadow during sunset

Daylight fades near Clothier Hall (Dec. 10, 2020).

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