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President Alfred H. Bloom

I am delighted to present this collection of essays offered by Swarthmore alumni about this extraordinary institution. Reflecting the independence of mind and sensibility nourished here, each essay captures-from a quite distinct perspective-the joys, challenges, and impact of the Swarthmore experience. 

Yet across generations, geography, background, beliefs, and walks of life, these essays also speak in one voice, evidencing the consistent power of a Swarthmore education to refine intellect and wisdom, to reinforce and broaden social consciousness, and to deepen humanity.  

Anyone who has known Swarthmore will be moved by the profound recognition of the meaning of Swarthmore that these pages convey.  And all who engage with the content of these pages will encounter a model of the means and purposes of a fine undergraduate education unmistakably validated by the qualities of persons and lives it has shaped. 

I invite you to live-or relive-the Swarthmore experience.