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MakerSpace Staff

MakerSpace Staff

Michael Jones

Director of Language and Media Centers\MakerSpace

Information Technology


  1. Phone: (610) 328-8036
  2. Kohlberg 326
Michael Jones

Meet Our Makers: Jia Chern Teoh

Makerspace Technician Jia Chern Teoh,

Sociology and Antrhropology student.

Hear about the first wooden stool he made, what he's been up to in Idaho, and why making is so important to him.

MakerSpace Student Technologists

Jon Kriney

Oliver Steinglass

Scott Candey

Brandon Zunin

Maria Quiroz

Tristan Walker-Andrews

Jia Chern Teoh

Eva Low

Jolleen Opula

Jocelyn Auld

Norman Pineda