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COVID-19 Use Policy

New Protocols to Keep Everyone Safe

Two computers showing partition between them.

To ensure safe access for students, faculty, and staff, new protocols are in place which are mandatory for everyone to follow:

1. Sanitize or wash hands upon arrival, prior to the start of your work session.

2. All users must dedicate the beginning and end of their work session to sanitizing their work station, hand tools, and touch surfaces after use. Sanitizing supplies will be provided.

3. All users must wear a mask at all times. Anti-fog wipes and adhesive nose wires are provided if safety glasses are fogging.

4. No eating in the Makerspace. Beverages must have a lid.

5. Maintain a minimum 6 ft social distance from other students, faculty and staff while in the Makerspace. Work stations have been designated with floor markers, and furniture has been removed to allow ample room for movement.

6. Prior to entering the wood shop, take one pair of safety glasses and one pair of ear muffs. Dispense your used safety glasses and ear muffs into the USED PPE bin after your work session.

Dispense used PPE in the box shown to be sanitized by staff.

7. 3D prints must be tagged with your email and file name, and can be picked up at our new, touch-free 3D print pick-up station located at the entrance to the Makerspace hallway.  You will receive an email when your print has completed.

New 3D Print Pick-Up Station

With everyone's cooperation, we can enjoy the wonderful resources the Makerspace has to offer!