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Liana & Lionell

Liana & Lionell

So, what are you two working on in your partnership?

Lionell: I'm learning Introductory Algebra.

Why did you choose to work together on Algebra?

Lionell: I want to go into nursing, but I have to pass prerequisites in order to apply. After I pass I'll be in a nursing program for three years. Right now I'm taking math and English classes at Delaware County Community College, but the math teacher goes too fast, so I wanted to work one on one with someone."

Liana, are you a math major?

Liana: No, I'm an English/Education major. I should have stuck with math, though.

Have you ever been involved in something like this?

Lionell: No, I haven't.

What do you think about Learning for Life?

Lionell: It's really helping me out. It helps people out with what they need to concentrate on. Liana: It's great. It really keeps me grounded.