Language Center


We provide...

  • Resources for classroom instruction and independent study.
  • Information and training for use of equipment and software.
  • Support for technology-enhanced curriculum development.
  • Professional and knowledgeable staff.


    Services for Language Faculty

    • Orientations to teach students how to use software programs required for their courses.
    • Workshops on integrating technology into the foreign language curriculum.
    • Digitizing and streaming of films and audio recordings for more widespread use.


      Services for Language Students

      • Digital access to audio and video material required for foreign language classes.
      • Region-free DVD players, multi-system VCRs.
      • Technical support for input and browsing of non-Western languages.
      • Software programs required for language courses.
      • Digital Video Cameras for use in creating multi-media projects.


        Resources for use and loan

        • Over 1500 films and documentaries in twenty languages, circulated on a limited basis.
        • CD-ROMS and DVDs with a variety of software to support language learning.
        • Portable CD/audiocassette boom boxes.
        • Digital video cameras.
        • Digital photo camera.
        • Selected self-study materials for languages not taught at Swarthmore, Bryn Mawr, or Haverford.
        • Video viewing room for group study and viewing.
        • Scanners and assistance with scanning.