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Innovation on Campus

Innovation on Campus
iPod Touch Movie Projects - Spanish 4

The Language Resource Center is a center for technology innovation on campus and a desirable space for teaching, workshops and student work. Our objective is continued successful support of faculty and students by facilitating their implementation and use of technology, and by making student access to class materials easy, often allowing 24/7 access.

Streaming Media - we have spearheaded efforts to digitize and stream materials on campus.

iTunes University - enables us to distribute media materials to students in a format they can download to their preferred media players.

Showcasing the LRC and MLL - we've installed a flat panel screen outside the Language Resource Center to showcase lab resources, departmental courses and students in the department. Let us know if you have material or resources you'd like to share!

Student Projects - with equipment and support from the LRC, students and faculty continue to produce amazing video projects, digital stories and documentaries, as well as podcasts and blogs.

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