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Student Opportunities in Chester

Chester Community Fellowship 

The Chester Community Fellowship (CCF)—a signature Lang Center program funded through the Swarthmore Foundation— enhances the capacity of Chester-based community organizations while providing opportunities for student learning. Students hold internships four days a week; on the fifth day, Fellows work together on a project-in-common relevant to the City of Chester. The summer experience focuses on developing each Chester Fellow as a scholar, civic leader, and public servant. Learn more. 


The ChesterSemesters program is a transcript-notated interdisciplinary program on social change with a community-based learning (CBL) internship component. It consists of supervised internships in nearby Chester city, regular reflection sessions conducted by Swarthmore’s socially engaged staff on campus, and a final research paper about engaged scholarship in Chester. ChesterSemesters fellows earn one academic credit for each semester-long commitment and a “ChesterSemesters fellow” notation on their transcript (in some cases, interns are financially compensated for their work). Through rigorous academic inquiry and hands-on community work, ChesterSemesters focuses on critically understanding, and hopefully ameliorating, some of society’s most pressing real-world problems by requiring students to participate in civic volunteer programs throughout the academic year. The purpose of the program is to facilitate committed student engagement with visionary leaders in the city of Chester.

Three ChesterSemesters fellows were honored in Summer 2019 for their distinguished work in the program:

  • Ian Bothwell '20, Chester Eastside's Camp Phoenix
  • Lucy Fetterman '22, Chester's Herbal Plant Medicine and African Diaspora Sovereign Selfcare Project
  • Nessa Levy '21, Chester Eastside Community Garden and Chester Eastside's Camp Phoenix

For more information regarding the ChesterSemesters program, please contact Mark Wallace

Dare 2 Soar

Dare 2 Soar is Swarthmore College's largest and oldest tutoring group, serving hundreds of Chester, PA children aged K-12. It was founded as a student-run organization by Khadijah White '04 with Francisca Mata '04 and Greg Lok '04, with a mission "to provide elementary school students and families of Chester with positive role models of color that attend college and serve the community," and "to demonstrate to the children what social action is truly about so that they might one day continue this mission." Learn more. 

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