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Publishing or Sharing Engaged Scholarship

Publishing Engaged Scholarship 

The Lang Center maintains a list of publication outlets—ranging from traditional journals publishing peer-reviewed articles to online magazines and other types of publications designed to reach a broader audience. If you have a particular piece of writing or scholarship that you are looking to publish, contact Katie Price and she can send along a curated list of possibilities. Journals focused primarily on Engaged Scholarship work include: 

Sharing Engaged Scholarship 

The Lang Center supports faculty who would like to share their Engaged Scholarship projects and research with audiences both on and off campus. Contact Katie Price if you are interested in pursuing opportunities. 

Examples: Swarthmore College Week on the Academic Minute (podcast) 

Engaged Scholarship Awards for Faculty 

  • Ernest A. Lynton Faculty Award in Engaged Scholarship - The Ernest A. Lynton Award for the Scholarship of Engagement for Early Career Faculty recognizes pre-tenure and early career faculty who connect teaching, research, and service to community engagement initiatives. The award recognizes engaged scholarship work across disciplines that is rooted in respect, co-creation of projects, and reciprocity.
  • Thomas Ehrlich Civically Engaged Faculty Award - The Thomas Ehrlich Civically Engaged Faculty Award recognizes a post-tenure or middle-to-late career faculty who advance engaged scholarship on their campus. Honorees build strong community partnerships, enable their institutions to commit to service-learning and civic engagement, ser leaders in community-based research, and foster students' civic learning.
  • Periclean Faculty Leadership Program - This program honors faculty leaders who champion engaged scholarship work in their classrooms and community. Faculty Leaders work from a number of disciplines to foster reciprocal learning between students and the community, and promote civil dialogue among all stakeholders. Past Recipients: Barbara Thelamour (2021-2), Lei Ouyang (2020), Mark Wallace (2019), Lynne Steuerle Schofield (2017), Benjamin Berger (2010)
  • Engaged Scholars Initiative - The Engaged Scholar Program connects leadership from many campuses to advance engaged scholarship work through course design, scholarly writing, practitioner network development, and other professional development offerings. Participants commit to 18 months of ongoing learning and leadership development. Past Recipients: Maggie Delano (2021), Salvador Rangel (2021), Nina Johnson (2018)

Publication Support

Katie Price

Senior Associate Director, Lang Center for Civic & Social Responsibility

Lang Center for Civic & Social Responsibility


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