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Television and Film

  • The psychology of motivation (12 lectures). WGBH-TV, Boston, MA.
  • The Gangsters & the G-Men. Yoshida Films, Kyoto, Japan.(bit actor)
  • Telos in Wonderland, REM Productions, with Yongsu Park, 1992
  • Foundational Ideas in Social Construction, In the Conversations in Social Construction Video Series, Andrews and Clark Explorations, 2000,
  • The Relational Realization of the Sacred, Trinity Institute, 2001
  • Dharma Dancing. (Video), 2002 (with K. Picart)
  • Performative Psychology: Embodiment of emotions. Master's Work Video Prductions. 2002 With Mary Gergen
  • On postmodern psychology. Lecture in History and Sytems of Psychology, Walden University.
  • The Relational Self. American Psychological Association, Continuing Education Program.