Majors and Minors - 日本語の専攻と副専攻

Majors and Minors

Special Major in Japanese Language, Literature, and Culture

At least 10 total credits starting with 001, including at least one credit outside the department, are required for a special major in Japanese. Special majors should complete the following sequence of language courses: JPNS 001, 002, 003, 004, 012, 012A, 013, 013A or their equivalent(s). Japanese special majors are strongly encouraged to study abroad in a program approved by the section; transfer credits normally may be counted toward the special major.

Special majors should complete at least two courses on Japanese culture of level 015 and higher and at least two additional courses of level 30 and higher or their equivalent in coursework outside the department. Students are encouraged to combine their study of Japanese literature and culture with coursework in Japanese history, anthropology and sociology, religion, art, music, economics, political science, education, comparative literature, and other related fields within the tricollege consortium. At least two courses on Japanese literature and culture should normally be taken within the department.

All special majors will complete a culminating project.

Course Minor in Japanese Language, Literature, and Culture

A minimum of five credits of courses numbered 004 and above is required for the course minor.

At least one credit must be taken in Japanese literature, film, or culture in translation, either in coursework offered by the Japanese Section or its equivalent in coursework outside of Swarthmore, with the approval of the Section. A minimum of three credits should be taken at Swarthmore.

The Section strongly encourages study abroad in a section-approved program; transferred credits normally may be counted toward the minor. One credit may be earned from another department on a Japan-related subject with the approval of the section.

Honors Special Majors and Minors in Japanese

Honors Study for qualified students may be substituted for the culminating project in the special major. Students are encouraged to consult with the Japanese section head to discuss honors special majors and honors minors.