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Student Groups

As late as the fall of 2002, the IC was comprised of four groups: ENLACE (Latino/a student organization), the Native American Student Association (NASA), the Swarthmore Asian Organization (SAO) and the Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU). Since that time, the center has grown significantly to encompass a broader range of social, cultural and queer student groups, including DESHI (South Asian student organization), MULTI (multi-racial students), COLORS (queer students of color), the Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA), and the Queer Trans Conference (QTC) committee.

Additionally, there are several groups affiliated with Intercultural Center, with whom we consistently collaborate and support, including the Swarthmore Islamic Society (formerly MSA), I-20 (International student organization), and Han (Korean student organization), along with many more. 



List of 2013-2014 Affiliated Groups and Contacts

Organization Name Contacts

Achieving Black & Latino Leaders of Excellence (ABLLE)

Xavier Lee

Julian Randall

Andres Cordero Marin

Allyship in Action

Isabella Smull

Christen Jayes


Cristian Taborda

Bryan Chen

David Ortiz


Shashwathi Rao

Afsana Oreen


Michelle Castellanos

Uriel Medina

Maria Elena Covarrubias

Katie Goldman

Alejandra Barajas

Kat Galvez

Fashion Forward 

Bryan Chen

Laina Chin

Joyce Wu


Brandon Seol

Chan-Jun Park

Sohyun Kang


Jeffrey Moore

Tyler Elliot

Natalie Campen


Maria Ximena Anleu

Stephanie Kestelman

Shuangle Chen

Anushka Mehta

Middle Eastern Cultural Society (MECS)

Katherine Rozsa

Anushka Mehta


Amanda Brown

Native American Student Association (NASA)

Brent Stanfield

Davis Logan

Daniel Orr


Xavier Lee


Joyce Wu

Bryan Chen

Kenneson Chen

Sanaa Ali-Viran


Rebekah Gelpi

David Ortiz

Cristian Taborda

Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) Rebecca Senft
Queer & Trans Conference Planning Committee (QTC)

Maria Elena Covarrubias 

Rachel Giovanniello

David Ortiz

Joan Huang

Quest Scholars Paul Bierman
Strong Latinas and African Americans Together for Empowerment (SLATE)

Taylor A Clark

Swarthmore Islamic Society (SIS, formerly MSA)

Salman Safir

Asma Noray

Fatima Boozarjomehri

Swarthmore's Southeast Asian Student Association (SEASA)

Peera Songkunnatham

Vasomnoleak "Leak" Ly

Swarthmore Asian Organization (SAO)

Alpha Chau

Oscar Chen

Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU) Joyce Wu

Bryan Chen

Kenneson Chen

Sanaa Ali-Virani

Swarthmore Women of Color Collective (SWoCC)

Michelle Castellanos 

Shelly Wen

Winnie Vien

Janette Alston

White Students Confronting Racism (WSCR)

Mike Lumetta

Abigail Henderson