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Staff and Interns 2014 - 2015

IC Interns


IC Fellows


Sam Mori

Hours: 10 - 12 PM Tuesday

Knowledge: Public speaking, communications, brewing coffee

Kat Galvis Rodríguez

Hours: 8 - 10 PM Monday

Knowledge: Intergroup dialogue facilitation, community outreach, and event organizing

Louis Lainé​

Hours: 8 - 10 PM Tuesday

Salman Safir

Hours: 10 - 12 PM Friday

Knowledge: Communication and Advocacy with Administration, SGO, Interfaith Life



CreaTech Team

Ben Xie

Hours: 6 - 8 PM Monday

Knowledge: Web development, computer science, resume writing in LaTeX

Christine Lee

Hours: 6 - 8 PM Thursday

Knowledge: Typography, Adobe Photoshop, color choices, k-pop

Vivek Ramanan

Hours: 8 - 10 PM Thursday

Knowledge: Social media analytics, publicity campaigns, public speaking

Julian Turner

Hours: 8 - 10 PM Wednesday

Knowledge: videography / photography, editing (premiere, after effects)



IC Strategy Consultants

Joelle Bueno

Hours: 6 - 8 PM Friday

Jasmine Rashid

Hours: 6 - 8 PM Tuesday

Knowledge: Event planning, marketing and outreach, racial justice


Cesar Cruz-Benítez

Hours: 2 - 4 PM Thursday


Daniel Orr

Hours: 2 - 4 PM Monday

Maria Castaneda

Hours: 6 - 8 PM Wednesday


Intercultural Center Staff

Imaani J. El-Burki, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean and Director of the Intercultural Center

Intercultural Center


  1. Phone: (610) 328-7360
  2. Parrish Hall 118
  3. Intercultural Center 113

Reach out to Dean Imaani El-Burki for needs related to:

  • First point of contact for questions about the IC in general 

  • Campus and community partnerships

  • Representation on behalf of the Intercultural Center

  • Funding requests

  • Support as your student dean

Maggie Hussar

Assistant Director, Intercultural Center

Intercultural Center


  1. Phone: (610) 690-5740
  2. Hormel-Nguyen IC 102

Reach out to Maggie Hussar for needs related to:

  • Intercultural internship
  • Student leadership opportunities
  • Student group advising and support for Heritage Month Committees
maggie with short hair, smiling in front of a brick wall. they wear a short sleeve black mockneck shirt.

Tiffany Thompson

Associate Dean of Inclusive Excellence

Dean's Office


  1. Phone: (610) 690-5767
  2. Parrish E140
  3. Hormel-Nguyen IC 103
  4. Women's Resource Center

Reach out to Tiffany Thompson for needs related to:

  • Gender and Sexuality Initiatives
  • LGBTQ+ programming
Tiffany Thompson (she/her)