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Pride Month 2014

Upcoming Events

Queer-Themed Pizza & Parable

Tuesday 11/4, 5:45 pm

In honor of Pride Month, Swarthmore Progressive Christians is having a series of discussions about faith and sexuality - not just so-called "non-traditional" sexuality, but all sexuality. There is pizza, and all are welcome!

Hosted by Swarthmore Progressive Christians

SQU Meeting: Bi-phobia Bi-erasure and Being Bi*

Wednesday 11/5, 10 pm, Intercultural Center

One of our most popular meeting topics is back! Come talk about the implications of coming out as bi, navigating identity-based communities, the effect of gender on perceptions of bi folks, and whether "bi" is even the best word to be using here! There's lots to discuss, so make sure you come on time!

*Open to all students who identify as queer and/or trans.

An Evening With Laverne Cox

Friday 11/7, 7 pm, Marshall Auditorium at Haverford College

Laverne Cox is a critically acclaimed actress who currently appears in the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black, playing the groundbreaking role of “Sophia Burset,” an incarcerated African American transgender woman. Laverne is the first trans woman of color to have a leading role on a mainstream scripted television show. Time Magazine named Sophia Burset the 4th most influential fictional character of 2013. Laverne is also a recipient of the Dorian rising star award for her work in Orange is the New Black. More info here.

Crisosto Apache

Saturday 11/8, 7 pm, Scheuer Room

This is the last Sager Series event of the semester, so don't miss it! This is a collaboration between NASA (Native American Students Association) and Pride Month.

Crisosto Apache, an enrolled member of the Mescalero Apache Tribe and a member of the Two Spirit Society of Denver, conducts Two Spirit educational presentations around the country. He is currently Executive Director for the Two Spirit National Cultural Exchange, Inc., which he founded in February of 2011 to continue the support of 'two-spirit' culture, tradition and address disparities on a national scale. Don't miss this chance to see him speak! More info here.

SQU Meeting: Cultural Appropriation and Queer Communities*

Wednesday 11/12, 10 pm, Intercultural Center

Dressing up as an “uninformed racist” is probably the worst costume you could pull together this Halloween (or you know, ever). This week, SQU will be talking about both cultural appropriation through costuming and the appropriation of black women within queer communities. Come learn and share some dos and don’ts!

*Open to all students who identify as queer and/or trans.

Queer Faith, Queer Futures

Tuesday 11/18, 7 pm, Bond Hall

A panel of alumni talking about their experiences with queerness and faith, both on and off campus. More info here.

SQU Meeting: Highlighting Trans Issues*

Wednesday 11/19, 10 pm, Intercultural Center

*Open to all students who identify as queer and/or trans.

Vigil for Trans Day of Remembrance

Thursday 11/20, 4:30 pm, Sharples Patio

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Pride Month 2014 Flyers

Pride Month 2014 Flyer

SQU Meeting: Bi-phobia, Bi-erasure, and Being Bi