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IC Groups 2019 - 2020

Student Group Leaders
Leaders Student Org


Miles Harris Achieving Black and Latino Leaders of Excellence (ABLLE)
Celine Anderson Arab and Middle Eastern Students Association (AMENA)
Jonathan Galvan Queer Students of Color (COLORS)
Byron Biney Queer Students of Color (COLORS)
Victoria Lee-A-Yong Queer Students of Color (COLORS)
Chioma Anomnachi Queer Students of Color (COLORS)
Liya Harris-Harrell Queer Students of Color (COLORS)
Kaavya Arakoni South Asian Students Organization (DESHI)
Trina Paul South Asian Students Organization (DESHI)
Pemba Dorji South Asian Students Organization (DESHI)
Rohan Hejmadi South Asian Students Organization (DESHI)
Gursimran Pannu South Asian Students Organization (DESHI)
Akshay Srinivasan South Asian Students Organization (DESHI)
David Melo LatinX Students Organization (ENLACE)
Angela Reyes LatinX Students Organization (ENLACE)
Eduardo Burgos LatinX Students Organization (ENLACE)
Marcos Estrada LatinX Students Organization (ENLACE)
Andres Correa-Perez LatinX Students Organization (ENLACE)
Hyeyun Chae Korean Student Organization (HAN)
Hyun Kyung Lee Korean Student Organization (HAN)
Lauren (Hee Won) Chung Korean Student Organization (HAN)
Keon Woo Oh Korean Student Organization (HAN)
Eaindray Aung International Students Organization (i20)
Edward Tranter International Students Organization (i20)
Ayaka Yorihiro Japanese Cultural Appreciation Club (Kizuna)
Liam Packer Japanese Cultural Appreciation Club (Kizuna)
Karin Nakano Japanese Cultural Appreciation Club (Kizuna)
Rekha Crawford Japanese Cultural Appreciation Club (Kizuna)
Shirley Liu Japanese Cultural Appreciation Club (Kizuna)
Grace Griego Multiracial Asian/Pacific Islander Student Heritage Club (MASH)
Gina Goosby Multiracial Asian/Pacific Islander Student Heritage Club (MASH)
Dominic Woodward Multiracial Asian/Pacific Islander Student Heritage Club (MASH)
Umi Keezing Multiracial Asian/Pacific Islander Student Heritage Club (MASH)
Kieran Huang MULTI (for students of multicultural identities)
Gene Witkowski MULTI (for students of multicultural identities)
Alyssa Ogle MULTI (for students of multicultural identities)
Helen Tumolo MULTI (for students of multicultural identities)
Carolyn Cheng MULTI (for students of multicultural identities)
Robert Zigmund MULTI (for students of multicultural identities)
Alfisyanrin Muhamad MULTI (for students of multicultural identities)
Zena Ebrahim Muslim Student Association (MSA)
Tarzan Macmood Muslim Student Association (MSA)

Reham Mahgoub Muslim Student Association (MSA)
Nusaybah Estes  Muslim Student Association (MSA)
Ismail Can Muslim Student Association (MSA)
Murtaza Ukani Muslim Student Association (MSA)
Joo Yeon Kim Quest Scholars
Sokeyra Francisco

Quest Scholars
Hriju Adhikari

Quest Scholars
Ayleah Johnson

Quest Scholars
Jacquelyn Chow

Quest Scholars
Gabriella Vetter

Quest Scholars

Anuk De Silva 

Swarthmore Asian Organization (SAO)
Jinwook Daisy Lee Swarthmore Asian Organization (SAO)
Jian Chili Shi Swarthmore Asian Organization (SAO)
Joanne Miao  Swarthmore Asian Organization (SAO)
Tiffany Wang Swarthmore Asian Organization (SAO)
Kent Chen Swarthmore Asian Organization (SAO)
Kenny Mai Swarthmore Asian Organization (SAO)
Jane Huynh Swarthmore Asian Organization (SAO)
Simon Ji Swarthmore Chinese Society (SCS)
Yuzhe Tao Swarthmore Chinese Society (SCS)
Richard Chen Swarthmore Chinese Society (SCS)
Minh Nguyen Southeast Asian Student Association (SEASA)
Toan Cao Southeast Asian Student Association (SEASA)
Veronica Testi Swatties for Immigrant Rights (SIR)
Oswaldo Morales Swatties for Immigrant Rights (SIR) 
Marcos Estrada Swatties for Immigrant Rights (SIR) 
Avery Underwood Swarthmore Indigenous Student Association (SISA) 
Bingxin (Bing) Tu Swarthmore Organization for Low Income Students (SOLIS)

Jasmine Betancourt

Swarthmore Organization for Low Income Students (SOLIS)
Christopher Alvarado Swarthmore Organization for Low Income Students (SOLIS)
Cindy Serrato Zavala Swarthmore Organization for Low Income Students (SOLIS)
Shelby Dolch Swarthmore Organization for Low Income Students (SOLIS)
Eudy Lopez Swarthmore Organization for Low Income Students (SOLIS)
Kenny Mai Swarthmore Organization for Low Income Students (SOLIS)
Maya Henry Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU)
Jack McManus Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU)
Dylan Clairmont Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU)
Shelby Dolch Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU)
Ray Sidener Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU)
Daria Mateescu Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU)

Jenny Xu Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU)  
Miryam Ramirez Underrepresented Students in STEM (US in STEM)
Edna Olvera Underrepresented Students in STEM (US in STEM)
Richmond Mensah Underrepresented Students in STEM (US in STEM)
Veronica Doughlin Women of Color Kick Ass (WOCKA)
Amy Kim Women of Color Kick Ass (WOCKA)
Kaitelyn Pasillas Women of Color Kick Ass (WOCKA)
Janice Luo Women of Color Kick Ass (WOCKA)