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IC Collective Contact Information

Student Group Leaders

Displaying Active Groups; Updated as of April 2022

Student Org Leaders


Queer Students of Color (COLORS) Micah Logan
Queer Students of Color (COLORS) Jenny Xu
Queer Students of Color (COLORS) Feven Yared
South Asian Students Organization (DESHI) Maya Lahiri
South Asian Students Organization (DESHI) Ghazi Randhawa
South Asian Students Organization (DESHI) Vipul Periwal
South Asian Students Organization (DESHI) Sannan Dhillon
South Asian Students Organization (DESHI) Devyani Mahajan
South Asian Students Organization (DESHI) Kirit Minhas
South Asian Students Organization (DESHI) Malhar Acharya
LatinX Students Organization (ENLACE) Marcos Estrada
LatinX Students Organization (ENLACE) Gaby Hernandez
LatinX Students Organization (ENLACE) Brandon Daniel-Morales
LatinX Students Organization (ENLACE) Issac Valdovinos
LatinX Students Organization (ENLACE) Leo Castillo
LatinX Students Organization (ENLACE) Cisco Velasco
LatinX Students Organization (ENLACE) Brenda Feregrino
LatinX Students Organization (ENLACE) Lesly Catota Lopez
International Students Organization (i20) Paris Shan
International Students Organization (i20) Sarthak Harjai
Jewish Voices for Peace (JVP)
Japanese Cultural Appreciation Club (Kizuna)  Don Shin
Japanese Cultural Appreciation Club (Kizuna)  Mai Miura
Muslim Student Association (MSA) Tolga Atabas
Muslim Student Association (MSA) Hatice Zeynep Emanet

Muslim Student Association (MSA)  Fatima Jahra
Muslim Student Association (MSA) Liam Rodgers
Muslim Student Association (MSA) Mehreen Shahid
Muslim Student Association (MSA) Jinia Meherin
Muslim Student Association (MSA) Sayid Ali
Organizing to Redefine "Asian" Activism (ORAA) Jimmy Pham
Organizing to Redefine "Asian" Activism (ORAA) Gwendolyn Lam
Organizing to Redefine "Asian" Activism (ORAA) Serena Xiao Wei Yang
Organizing to Redefine "Asian" Activism (ORAA) Elliot Kim
Swarthmore QuestBridge Chapter Jorge Lopez-Nava
Swarthmore QuestBridge Chapter Alan Beltran
Swarthmore QuestBridge Chapter Tammy Pham
Swarthmore QuestBridge Chapter Justin Chai
Swarthmore QuestBridge Chapter Alina Palacios
Swarthmore Chinese Society (SCS) Yulin Chen
Swarthmore Chinese Society (SCS) Alice Du
Swarthmore Chinese Society (SCS) Zixuan Liu
Swarthmore Chinese Society (SCS) Annabel Zhao
Swarthmore Chinese Society (SCS) Sophia Lu
Swarthmore Chinese Society (SCS) Ella Wei
Southeast Asian Student Association (SEASA) Toàn Cao
Southeast Asian Student Association (SEASA) Kyle Lee
Southeast Asian Student Association (SEASA) Chandararith (Andy) Im
Swatties for Immigrant Rights (SIR) Oswaldo Morales 
Swatties for Immigrant Rights (SIR) Marcos Estrada 
Swarthmore Indigenous Student Association (SISA) Sierra Rasie-Jones
First-Gen, Low-Income (FLI) Gaven Green
First-Gen, Low-Income (FLI) Daniel Torres Balauro
First-Gen, Low-Income (FLI) Murtaza Ukani
First-Gen, Low-Income (FLI) Ella Vetter
Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU) Hussain Zaidi
Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU) Amandi Perera
Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU) Sovandarid Prom
Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU) Tyler White
Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU) Anuk De Silva
Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU) Amir Khadar
Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU) Philippe Kame
Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU) Elizabeth Dentzer
Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU) Levi Hatten
Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU) Luca Marcelli
Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU) Sofia Frumkin
Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU) Laura Hirai
Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU) Josh Klusewitz
Underrepresented Students in STEM (US in STEM) Norman Pineda
Underrepresented Students in STEM (US in STEM) Alina Palacios
Underrepresented Students in STEM (US in STEM) Judith Weng
Underrepresented Students in STEM (US in STEM) Sharon Kim
Underrepresented Students in STEM (US in STEM) Gia Bautista
Underrepresented Students in STEM (US in STEM) Alesha Archil
Voices Andrés Pérez Correa
Voices Sokeyra Francisco
Pathways Mariam Muhammad