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IC Community-Building Grant

What is the Intercultural Center Community-Building Grant? 

The IC Community-Building Grant is an unrestricted fund available to all member of the campus community, with priority given to Student Organizations, who have ideas for programming that align with, and uphold, the Intercultural Center’s mission.

Why Was it Established? 

To realize the following principles: 

1) Collaboration: Help foster and facilitate collaboration between a diverse range of student organizations (StuOrgs), and individuals, with an emphasis on supporting, but not limited to, IC-affiliated organizations. 

2) Access: Provide students a transparent, efficient, and accessible avenue for financing medium to large scale events/programs that enrich student life, and support the mission of the IC.

3) Equity: Provide funding to SBC Chartered StuOrgs, especially IC-affiliated StuOrgs that, as a result of size, among other factors, may not have sufficient funding to execute medium to large-scale events/programs. 


Strong proposals will clearly demonstrate impact with respect to promoting "systemic change toward an intercultural perspective across the institution, and fostering community-building and collaboration among diverse groups both within and outside of the college.” 

Apply here!


Proposals are reviewed on an ongoing basis. The sooner you apply, the sooner you hear back from the IC, with (potentially) good news!

If there are specific questions you need addressed that aren't answered here, feel free to contact Interim IC Assistant Director, Nyk Robertson