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Coming Out Week Open Events

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Monday, Oct 22

4:30 PM - Queer at Swat Panel: There's no such thing as a stupid question in SCI 101

10:00 PM - QSA Queer Ally Discussion in the Lang Center

Tuesday, Oct 23

8:00 PM - Showing of LOGO's Democratic Presidential Forum on Queer Issues in SCI 101

Wednesday, Oct 24

9:00 - Open SQU Meeting in the IC Big Room.  We will be showing the first episodes of the first seasons of "Queer as Folk" and "The L Word" (in that order), and we want you to be there!

Thursday, Oct 25

4:30 PM - Trans 101 Workshop in Kohlberg 115

6:30 PM - Pizza & Parables in Bond

7:30 PM - Women's Resource Center Discussion - WRC

Friday, Oct 26

5:30 PM - Queer Shabbat Services in Bond (with dinner served @ 6:45 PM)