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2018-2019 Intern Team

Meet the 2018-2019 Intercultural Center Interns


Mohammed Bappe (he/him/his)

I go by Bappe. I'm a history and education major with a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies. The IC has played a central role in my life here, and if you need help with anything let me know! I also work in the Lang Center as the Identities and Inequality associate and can help get funding for summer opportunities.  


Ferial Berjawi (she/her/hers)

My name is Ferial, and . I am from Beirut, Lebanon. I am a senior doing an Honors Special Major in Peace & Conflict Studies and Economics, and I am also a Lang Scholar, Dare 2 Soar Lead Coordinator, UNICEF's founder and president, and a member in 180 Degrees Consulting.
I've been an IC intern for two semesters, and it has played an important role in my college career. This year, my goal at the IC is to bring together a wide array of ideologies and perspectives on campus to have open dialogues about nuanced topics that might not otherwise be discussed. 

Paul Buchanan (he/him/his)

I'm a bisexual triplet from the deep south, and I'm excited and passionate about the work I'll get to do at the IC, especially concerning mental health and intersectionality.

Kent Chen (he/him/his)

Hey! My name is Kent Chen and I am from New York City. I plan to special major in medical anthropology on a premed track, seeking to blend natural sciences and social sciences to have a better understanding of those that I hope to serve. As a Chinese American, I am all for empowering Asian American voices and providing space for APIA identifying individuals to engage in race, identity, and culture related dialogue. Other than being an IC intern, I am currently a member of 16 feet and SAO. If you need anything, come find me at the IC!

Shelby Dolch (she/her/hers)

Hi my name is Shelby and I am from Glendive, Montana. I'm an intended special major in Political Science, Black Studies, and Peace and Conflict Studies. My focus areas include survivorship, queer issues, first generation and low-income initiatives, and intersectional feminism/anti-racist activism. I hope to uplift the voices of marginalized folx on campus this year through meaningful programming and advocacy.
Hit me up if you ever want to work on a project together or want to talk about The West Wing, Jeff Goldblum, The Office, or Hamilton. 

Sokeyra Francisco (she/her/hers)

Sokeyra is a freshman at Swarthmore. She is originally from New York City and speaks two languages: English and Spanish. She is in her first semester of Arabic. She is passionate about social justice issues and was previously a member of the Harlem Youth Court. At the IC she is working on making the new space more home-y. 

Dakota Gibbs (he/him/his)

Hello Fam, I’m Dakota Gibbs. Hailing from the great state and City of Newark, New Jersey. I Other than being an IC intern, I’m a member of Multi, RA of Danawell 3rd & 4th, Ninjagrams, Swing Dance Club, Admin of the Swarthmore Memes for Quaker Teens group, the Jazz Ensemble, and my own band: Caboose. A huge part of my life is my Multi Identity, where I can celebrate, process, and navigate the intersectionalities of my mix heritage. It’s this passion of culture, learning, and acceptance, through my own struggles and triumphs in navigating my identities, that I plan to bring to IC and its IC affiliated groups- and a “few” good and witting puns here and there.

Dani Gómez (she/her/hers)

Hi Swat! I'm Dani Gómez and I'm a prospective Political Science and Biology double major. I'm a first-year from South Florida! I'm really interested in learning about and working towards new refugee and immigration policies nationwide. I also love languages! I speak Spanish and French, and I'm learning Arabic! My family is originally from Venezuela and I'm a first-generation American citizen. You can identify me by the smell of chlorine (I'm on the swim team) or by my curly hair.

Taty Hernández (she/her/they/them)

I am an unapologetically indigenous queer femme artist and I love creating spaces to find community with other women of color. At Swarthmore, I'm double majoring in Studio Art, and Interdisciplinary Race & Ethnicity Studies. Ask me about Enlace or SISA.

Josie Hung (they/she)

Hello! I'm a senior studying SocAnth and minoring in Peace and Conflict Studies. I've always been indirectly involved with the IC through the groups that I have been a part of, so am excited to be working this year as an IC Intern. I'm also currently a Co-Facilitator of the IC/BCC Coalition and a previous pres of SAO. Always down to strategize how to make this institution a safer space for all of us.


Kenny Mai (he/him/his)

Hey y'all, I'm Kenny and I'm a sophomore from the Bay Area. I plan to double major or major/minor in Soc/Anth and Comp Sci. In addition to working at the IC, I'm a board member of SAO and SOLIS, a SAM, and a CS21 Ninja. As a FLI, Vietnamese American student, I'm grateful for the IC and its groups for giving me the safe space and community to explore the various facets of my identity and connect with other folx from different backgrounds. Feel free to talk to me about any of the above interests and especially any ideas you have about IC-group collaborations!


Leslie Moreaux (she/her/hers)


I'm a sophomore and an intern at the Intercultural Center. I work closely with the Assistant Director of the Intercultural Center (IC) to imagine and implement programs, initiatives and strategies for Swatties. This year I will focus on the IC newsletter and the IC Arthouse. 




Clarissa Phillips (she/her/hers)

Hello! My name is Clarissa and I'm really excited to be a part of the IC intern team. I hope to use this position to facilitate collaboration among the different student groups across campus, as well as support the personal development and longevity of those that are a part of the IC collective.

Oliva Robbins (she/her/hers)

Hey! I'm Olivia and I'm a sophomore from NYC with an intended double major in Peace & Conflict Studies and Urban Studies. Outside of academics, I am the creative director of VISIBILITY, the co-founder/co-president of Swarthmore's Petey Greene Program (which tutors people in prison nearby), and a volunteer for Youth Courts (a restorative justice program in Chester public schools). I'm also the college's inaugural Chester Semester fellow. I'm really passionate about prison abolition and art as a means of empowerment. I can't wait to work with you!



Twan Sia (he/him/his)

Hey! I'm Twan and I'm a sophomore intern at the Intercultural Center. As an immigrant from Myanmar, I'm focused on working with the Southeast Asian and Asian American communities here at Swarthmore. As someone who's really interested in collaboration and community, I invite anyone to reach out if they would like to give me feedback or ideas. I'm also a great listener, so please feel free to approach me if you need any type of support!

Nevien Swailmyeen (she/her/hers)

Whats good, I'm Nevien, and I'm from North Jersey. I'm a Peace & Conflict Studies major and a double minor in Arabic & Education. You can usually find me hanging out and working in the IC. If you have any questions about how to get funding for literally anything, hit me up. 

Zain Talukdar (he/him/his)

I'm a Senior Double Major in Islamic Studies and Peace and Conflict Studies, and I am on the Pre-Med track. I'm the President of the Muslim Students Association (open to students of all faith backgrounds!) and this is my third year as an IC intern :) I'm also a Student Academic Mentor and a Site Coordinator for the Dare2Soar tutoring program at the Boys and Girls Club of Chester, PA.

For the IC, I'm hoping to work more on some of the projects we had in mind like the cooking project and the IC ArtHouse! I also want to help students with events in the new Sproul space and make that space more navigable for students (especially students who found a home in the original IC!). 

Robby Jimenez Vargas (he/him/his)

Hi! My name is Robby and I am a senior from Norwalk, CT but originally from Michoacán, México. I am pursuing a special major in Psychology & Educational Studies and a special major in Peace & Conflict Studies. In addition to being an IC Intern, I also work with ENLACE, the Title IX House, the International Student Center, and the transfer student community. I also work on research with a professor in the Educational Studies Department. I look forward to working with you!

Gene Witkowski (he/him/his)

Hey y'all, I'm Gene! I'm a sophomore and an intended double major in Music and Math, with other interests including French and Education. Besides working with the IC and serving as a SAM, I'm super passionate about educational justice, uplifting marginalized voices, and intersectionality, as someone who identifies as both queer and multiethnic. Come through and let's chat about identity or make some music!


Meet the 2018-2019 DPA Team Working With The IC