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2019-2020 Intern Team




Paul Buchanan (he/him/his)

I'm a bisexual triplet from the deep south, and I'm excited and passionate about the work I'll get to do at the IC, especially concerning mental health and intersectionality.


Amandi Perera (she/her/hers)

Hello! My name is Amandi Perera and I'm a sophomore from Queens, New York studying Urban Studies and Spanish. My family is originally from Sri Lanka, so I'm very passionate about immigrant rights advocacy and other social justice issues. At the IC, I work on the Newsletter and Season SZN and I'm excited about the future work I'll get to do there!


Shelby Dolch (they/them)

Hi I'm Shelby and I'm a junior resentfully from Montana! I'm a Peace and Conflict Studies and Black Studies double major on a pre-law track. This year I'm one of the Gender and Sexuality Initiatives interns, a creative design intern, and am always happy to discuss queer issues on campus. You can also find me doing work around low-income and first-gen advocacy.


Wilber Dominguez (he/him/his)

Hello! I go by Wilber. I am an Astrophysics major, considering an Applied Math double major. I was born in El Salvador, and moved to the state of Texas at the age of eight. Growing up, I was impacted by many individuals who came from many diverse backgrounds, and this has made me greatly appreciate the sharing of culture. I will be more than happy to work in collaboration, or to simply have a conversation, with any groups or individuals on campus who want to share a piece of their culture/identity with our community. Of course, I am also always delighted to have a conversation about anything related to Astronomy.



Sokeyra Francisco (she/her/hers)

Hello! My name is Sokeyra Francisco and I am currently a sophomore studying History and Peace and Conflict Studies. I am originally from New York City but my parents are from the Dominican Republic. I take pride in my Afro-Latina and FLI identities. At the IC I am a group leader and work with the Creative Design Team and Season SZN to create programming that centers the identities and experiences of the communities we serve. You can usually find me on the first floor of the IC drinking tea and doing work. Feel free to ask me any questions!


Dani Gómez (she/her/hers)

Hello friends! I'm Dani Gómez and I'm a Special Major in Political Science and Environmental Policy. I'm a sophomore from South Florida and I'm interested in learning about and working towards new refugee and immigration policies, as well as working towards mitigating climate change. I also love languages; I speak Spanish and French and I'm learning (and minoring in) Arabic. I'm an IC group leader and I'm also a leader of the IC Arthouse, a monthly or bimonthly event which aims to showcase the art and talents of local and student artists. My family is originally from Venezuela and I'm a first-gen American who is very proud of her Latinx identity. You can almost always identify me by the smell of chlorine (I'm on the swim team) or by my curly hair.


Alex Frost (she/her/hers)

My name’s Alex and I’m a senior SocAnth major with a minor in Black Studies. At Swat I am a core member of STAR, the prison abolition group on campus, among other things. The IC helped me come into my queer identity and I am forever grateful for that. Figuring out who you are is hard and I hope as an IC intern I can help other members of the community do so as well. Also if you ever want to talk about/ask questions about/get involved with prison abolition hit me up (seriously I could talk forever about it)


Joo Yeon Kim (he/him/his)

Hi! I go by John and come from Los Angeles, CA but I'm also proud to be a first-generation immigrant from South Korea! I will be majoring in Biology and as Vice-President QuestBridge chapter on campus, I hope to bring to light some of the first-gen/low-income initiatives at Swat. I'm also passionate about bringing immigrant rights awareness in relation to the systemic troubles DACA and Undocumented immigrants face in our country and community. I also love cooking so you can catch me at Season SZN cooking and eating on some Saturdays at the IC Kitchen!


Sonia Linares (she/her/hers)

My name is Sonia Linares and I am originally from Los Angeles! My family is from El Salvador and I’m proud to call myself a first generation college student. I am a prospective double major in Peace and Conflict Studies and History. I am passionate about making Swarthmore a safer place for marginalized students and hopefully the work I can accomplish translates into my future after Swarthmore. Feel free to reach out to me!


Kenny Mai (he/him/his)

Hey y'all, I'm Kenny and I'm a junior majoring in Soc/Anth from the Bay Area. In addition to working at the IC, I'm currently co-president of ORAA and have been a board member of SOLIS and a SAM. As a FLI, diasporic Vietnamese student, I've found the IC to be integral to life here in college. Feel free to talk to me about anything prison abolition and decolonization and especially any ideas you have about IC-group collaborations! 

Praise Idika (they/them)

Greetings and Salutations! My name is Praise Idika and I am a prospective Gender and Sexuality Studies major. I'm a proud first-generation Nigerian and I am passionate about immigration and first-gen/low-income initiatives. In addition, I am committed to making the campus safer and more inclusive of queer students, especially those who are Black and non-binary. I am a part of the IC Arthouse in which I help plan and execute art showcases, and in Conversations of C.A.R.E. in which I design and facilitate conversations that are relevant to both our campus and the world. I am also the IC/BCC Liaison and I will be working with enriching the relationship between both centers. 


Chrisbet Cortes-Lopez (she/her/hers)

Hi all! My name is Chrisbet and I'm a sophomore from Redwood City, California with a major in Peace and Conflicts and Spanish/Education. My family is originally from Mexico and I grew up in predominantly Latinx communities. This has informed my passions in immigrant rights advocacy and prison abolition which I am always happy to talk more about. I hope to bring these passions forward in my roles at the IC in Conversations of C.A.R.E. and the IC Arthouse and overall just help make the IC feel like a safe space. 

Oliva Robbins (she/her/hers)

I'm Olivia, and I'm a junior from NYC majoring in Peace and Conflict Studies with a double minor in Religion and Latin American Latinx Studies. I am involved in the Petey Greene Program which tutors incarcerated people at SCI Chester. At the IC, I am involved with Season SZN and a social media specialist. I'm excited to continue building the IC community! 


Chase Smith (they/them)

Hello! My name is Chase Smith and I am a double major in Sociology/Anthropology and Psychology. I am a low-income/first-gen, queer student and some of my interests include singing, a Capella, composition, poetry, and walking in nature. My intern role focuses on organizing the IC Arthouse and Social Media. I am also a Diversity Peer Advisor that works to support collaboration between the IC Collective and the DPA program. If you ever want to talk, feel free to reach out -- I would love to grab a meal or coffee!  

Gene Witkowski (he/him/his)

Hey y'all, I'm Gene! I'm a sophomore and an intended double major in Music and Math, with other interests including French and Education. Besides working with the IC and serving as a SAM, I'm super passionate about educational justice, uplifting marginalized voices, and intersectionality, as someone who identifies as both queer and multiethnic. Come through and let's chat about identity or make some music!

Serena Yang (she/her/hers)

Hi y'all! I go by Serena, and I'm a first gen Chinese immigrant from New York City (where I grew up) and Singapore (where I was born). I'm a freshman and still undecided, but I'm interested in English and critical race and ethnic studies. Outside of class I'm involved with ORAA, OASIS, and Small Craft Warnings, and on Sunday nights I moonlight as a WSRN radio dj. At the IC, I'm part of IC Arthouse and the Creative Design team. Come talk to me about poetry, art activism, and AAPI and LGBTQ+ issues!

Evelyn Pineda (she/her/hers)

Hi everyone! My name is Evelyn, I’m a first-generation low-income sophomore at Swat from Chicago, but my family is originally from Mexico. I’m special majoring in Peace and Conflict Studies and Education. Growing up in immigrant communities and families, the decriminalization of immigration and immigrant justice advocacy became necessary and I hope to keep learning, growing and building coalitions with my fellow peers. I’m also very passionate about first-gen low-income student advocacy and prison abolition so feel free to talk to me about any of these issues. This semester I’m a part of the IC Newsletter team as well as the Conversations of C.A.R.E team and I’m excited to keep finding new ways to center and support the IC communities on campus!