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Introduction of David Cohen '77 by Barbara Mather '65

We are honored today to have among our platform guests representatives of our closest friends and neighbors in the higher education community: Bryn Mawr, Haverford, the University of Pennsylvania, and Widener University. Joining us from Haverford is President Stephen Emerson and from Widener, Marcine Pikron-Davis, assistant to the president for community engagement and diversity initiatives. I thank them and the more than 70 guests of honor from other colleges and universities who have joined us today to help celebrate and commemorate the installation of our new president. Two of our friends in higher education bring greetings today on behalf of that community: David Cohen, chair of the board of trustees at the University of Pennsylvania, and Jane McAuliffe, president of Bryn Mawr.

The first of our guest speakers is David Cohen. David is unique. He was a brilliant economics student at Swarthmore and followed that up with a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania, summa cum laude.

He was chairman, at a very young age, of a major law firm and universally regarded as the finest lawyer in his generation. He is an extraordinary lawyer.

From 1992–1997, he was chief of staff to Mayor Ed Rendell and played a crucial role in rescuing the City of Philadelphia from financial chaos. His keen political insights were matched by an incredible capacity to grasp the most difficult problems and find solutions.

Currently, David serves as executive vice president of Comcast Corporation, where he oversees corporate communications, government affairs, public affairs, corporate administration, and serves as senior counselor to the CEO. He continues to work for regional growth and development as chairman of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.

David is the husband of another Swarthmore graduate and Board member Rhonda Cohen, who is a former chair of the board of the Community College of Philadelphia.

Please help me welcome our very special friend and alumnus, David Cohen.