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French language placement tests are offered online.

  • First-year students must login to mySwarthmore and click on the Placement test tab for access and detailed instructions. It is important that students complete the language survey that appears at the beginning of the test. Some students will be prompted to write a short essay to complete the placement process. Faculty will follow up with students over the summer to schedule a brief interview before the semester begins.
  • Upper-classmen interested in taking placement test should contact Michael Jones in the Language Resource Center for information and instructions (mjones1, 610-328-8036).
  • Students who have taken French AP/IB are required to take the online placement test.
  • Note: the French Online Placement Test is not a substitute for an official standard achievement test of a foreign language (such as the College Board exam or the International Baccalaureate). Therefore, it does not serve as proof of achievement for the purpose of fulfilling the language requirement. This test is only intended to assist instructors in placing students in the appropriate French course at Swarthmore.

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