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Shale Gas Plays Unveiled

Living with Gas Wells

Real Life Experiences, Hickory, Washington County, PA

Courtesy of Damascus Citizens and Gas Drilling Truth (28 min)

Overwhelming evidence now exists that the Halliburton's gas drilling process proposed for our area causes contaminated drinking water, carcinogens in the farmland and food chain, torn-up roads, risk of explosions, toxic air pollution, plummeting real estate values, and screeching noise pollution. From Gas Drilling Truth.

Dirty Ol' Town

The True Cost of Gas Drilling in a Fort Worth Neighborhood

Courtesy of Fort Worth Citizens Against Neighborhood Drilling Operations, (15 min)

At the time of the filming, gas drilling had just barely edged into the city limits of Fort Worth although we knew it was coming fast. Today there are almost 2,000 gas wells in the city and located in every neighborhood. (There are over 15,000 in the north Texas region). Additionally, the City of FW zoning ordinance was suspended for gas drilling. Industry folks were recently quoted as saying that only 15% of the planned gas wells have been drilled. Don Young,

Mark Barbash

Lecture at Swarthmore College April 2010

Damascus Citizens (28 min)

Mark Barbash is a Board Member of the Southeastern PA, Sierra Club, Co-founder of Protecting Our Waters, a grassroots Philadelphia area group committed to education and action opposing unregulated shale gas drilling, and Philadelphia Director of

Iris Marie Bloom

Lecture at Swarthmore College, April 2010

(27 min)

Iris Marie Bloom writes for the Weekly Press on environmental and social justice issues. She is the co-founder and campaign director for Protecting Our Waters and previously founded, WAVE, Women's Anti-Violence Education.