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Chorus Performance - Baccalaureate

Warm Summer Sun

Warm summer sun,
Shine kindly here,      
Warm southern wind,
Blow softly here.
Green sod above
Lie light, lie light.
Good night, dear heart
Good night, good night.

I Go to the Rock

Where do I go when there's nobody else to turn to?
Who do I talk to when nobody wants to listen
Who do I lean on when there is no foundation stable?
I go to the rock, I know he is able, I go to the rock.
I go to the rock of my salvation,
I go to the stone that the builders rejected.
I run to the mountain and the mountain he stands by me.
When the Earth all around me is sinking sand,
On God the solid rock I stand.
When I need shelter, when I need a friend, I go to the rock.