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Steering Committee

  • Pamela Shropshire, Special Assistant For Presidential Initiatives, co-chair
  • Ed Rowe, Chief of Staff and Secretary of the Board, co-chair
  • Susan Eagar, Director of Events Management 
  • Caitlin Halloran Edwards, Associate Director for Volunteers, Advancement
  • Anthony Foy, Coordinator of Black Studies Program and Associate Professor of English Literature
  • Alisa Giardinelli, Assistant Vice President of Communications
  • Joe Green '21, Co-President of SOCA 
  • Dion Lewis, Associate Dean and Director of the Black Cultural Center
  • Lynne Steurle Schofield '99, Associate Dean of the Faculty for Diversity, Recruitment, and Retention  
  • Shá Duncan Smith, Assistant Vice President and Dean of Inclusive Excellence and Community Development 
  • Taylor Tucker '20, Co-President of SASS