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Guidelines for Course Papers

Guidelines  for Interview Assignment (Paper #1) 

Your first response papers will be due on February 2 in class and will involve an interview.  Please interview someone (on campus or off) who you understand to be engaged in using art as a social change agent.  You might begin by asking about the following issues and then branch out.  Include their comments and your own reflection on them in your 4-6 page paper.  Provide a one-page synopsis to share with your classmates.

  1. How did they begin combining their interests in art and social change?
  2. What challenges have they faced?  How did they move on?
  3. What is their current involvement?
  4. What vision do they have for next steps/further developments in this aspect of their work?
  5. What charge would they give to others?
  6. What work(s)/people/connections have inspired/sustained them?

Guidelines for DVD Response Paper (Paper #2)

Your second response paper will be due on February 23 and will be a reflection on a DVD you viewed (from the list included in the syllabus).  Please cover the following points:

1.       What prompted you to choose this selection?

2.       What relationship(s) can you draw between the work presented in the DVD and two examples drawn from one of the course texts?  Please provide summaries from the text and be certain to include citations.

3.       Discuss one example/story/process shown in the DVD that you found most meaningful as a way to approach a social change issue.  Explain why.  Reapply it to an issue of concern to you

4.       If you were going to extend this DVD what would you include? Why?

Guidelines for Second Response Paper (Paper #3)

This paper is due in class on March 22.  Drawing from examples in two or three of the texts read for the class, please include:

1.       Two contrasting examples of approaches to a similar problem along with your discussion of when you might choose to employ each.

2.       An outline of one process described in a text along with a discussion of how you could use this in your volunteer placement.

3.       A brief description of one community project that was inspiring along with your 'riff' on how you would apply it to a situation you have encountered this term.

Final Paper (Paper #4)

This project is due by 4 p.m. on May 14. 

Your final paper will be in the form of a proposal for your own path in relation to social change and the arts.  You will note and justify which:

  1. courses,
  2. internship experiences,
  3. off-campus study opportunities, and
  4. other campus and off-campus projects

may be included in your plan.  While not all students will choose to enact their written plans, the intent is for everyone to have a plan should you decide to pursue such work during the remainder of your career as an undergraduate and/or during the time beyond graduation (graduating seniors will respond to a slightly different set of prompts.