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Apply to Swarthmore via the Common Application or Coalition Application by selecting one of the buttons below. (Swarthmore does not have a preference; please submit only one application for admission.)

You've heard from us, the various people of the Swarthmore Admissions Office, about why you should apply to Swarthmore — now hear from seven Swatties about why they chose Swarthmore.

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The average financial aid award for the Class of 2023 is $56,326. Our financial aid meets 100% of determined need, and consist of grants (which do not need to be repaid) and the expectation that students will work in a part-time campus-based job, if eligible. Although our financial aid awards are loan-free, your family might choose to borrow a loan to pay some educational expenses.


Our students pursue meaningful research projects supported by more than $800,000 in annual grants. Examples of recent student research topics include chromosomal sequencing in a brain cancer study, connections between Mexican national identity and indigenous legends, and improvements to urban public policy derived from behavioral economics.

Graduate Success 

Swatties write award-winning opera librettos, design telescopes, manage operations and scouting for a Major League Baseball team, restore endangered languages in the Panamanian rainforest, and develop new tools to revolutionize eye surgery. Their success is rooted in Swarthmore's mission of advancing the common good through intellectual discovery.