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Course TitleSupporting Literacy Among Deaf Children
SemesterSpring 2023
Registration IDLING 063 01
InstructorNapoli, Donna Jo
Times and DaysMWF 11:00am-11:50am
M 01:15pm-04:00pm
Room LocationMcCabe Library 306
Course Info

(Cross-listed at THEA 033)

In this course, we will consider ways to promote literacy among young deaf children, including introducing them to sign language literature and the visual vernacular and encouraging shared reading activities with their care-takers. This course is jointly offered at Gallaudet University. The GALLY students will re-envision beloved picture books in a way that reflects deaf culture and video-record themselves telling those stories. The SWAT students will give (remote) feedback on those videos and then produce the revised versions in the form of YouTube videos and ebooks for the RISE Ebook project website. These bimodal-bilingual stories will be designed so that adults can share them with deaf children regardless of their knowledge of a sign language (or lack thereof).


A background in linguistics, theater, film, early childhood development, or education would be helpful.


Students taking the course remotely must have access to an Apple computer or iPad with iBooksAuthor and must have access to film-editing programs. Students also need to have a rudimentary knowledge of a sign language (such as ASL) or concurrently take an attachment in ASL language.

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Social Sciences
Cross-listed with THEA 033
Eligible for ESCH.
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