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Course TitleQueer Media
SemesterFall 2018
Registration IDFMST04601
DepartmentFilm and Media Studies
InstructorWhite, P
Times and DaysTTH 01:20pm-02:35pm
Room LocationKohlberg 115
Course Info

The history of avant-garde and experimental media has been intertwined with that of gender non-conformity and sexual dissidence. Queer theory has developed in relation to queer film texts and cultures. How do lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender (lgbt) filmmakers queer sexual norms and standard media forms? Challenging classic Hollywood's heterosexual presumption and mass media appropriations of lgbt culture, we will examine lgbt aesthetic strategies and modes of address in contexts such as the American and European avant-gardes, AIDS activism, and transnational and diasporan film.

Miscellaneous Info

Course Record Number: 17038
Enrollment Limit: 35
Current Enrollment: 10
Distribution: Humanities

Cross-listed with ENGL 090. GSST, INTP program eligible.DGHU

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