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Course TitleAmerican Narrative Cinema
SemesterSpring 2020
Registration IDFMST02101
DepartmentFilm and Media Studies
InstructorWhite, Patricia
Times and DaysTTH 09:55am-11:10am
W 07:00pm-10:00pm
Room LocationBeardsley 316
Course Info

(Cross-listed as ENGL 087)

This course surveys U.S. narrative film history with an emphasis on the Hollywood studio era. We consider how genres such as the western, the melodrama, and film noir express aspirations and anxieties about race, gender, class and ethnicity in the United States. Film is understood as narrative form, audiovisual medium, industrial product, and social practice. Classical Hollywood is approached as a national cinema, illuminated by attention to independent narrative traditions ("race movies," New Queer Cinema).

Miscellaneous Info

Course Record Number: 27519
Enrollment Limit: 25
Current Enrollment: 11

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