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Committee Charge and Membership

Charge to the Committee

A critical part of Strategic Directions [pdf] recommendation 2 is to: "develop a diversity, inclusivity, and engagement project that will transform the College into a model workplace and residential learning community in an increasingly complex global world."  A diversity and inclusivity project should further advance the College's enduring mission to create a wholly diverse, engaged, inclusive community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Areas of Focus

  1. Community engagement: Find ways to continue to engage with the community regarding the work of the implementation committee building on the success of last spring's Diversity symposium. Keep the community up to date on the work of the committee.
  2. Planning and Assessment
    • Continue to investigate best practices at other institutions, perhaps do some site visits.
    • Begin to develop a list of long and short term goals in identifying strategies for incorporating accountability, shared responsibility, and assessment into culture.
    • Update and examine existing institutional diversity data and statistics
    • Consider identifying and bringing in a consultant to help us think strategically and practically about institutionalizing diversity initiatives.
  3. Recruitment Initiatives
    • Continue to follow up with faculty regarding diversity recruitment efforts in searches that are underway
    • Continue search presentations for hiring departments and search committees in the faculty and staff

Diversity and Inclusion Implementation Committee Members

  • Liz Braun, Dean of Students, co-chair
  • Judy Diep '13
  • Karen Henry '87, Dean of First Year Students and Gender Education Adviser
  • Cheryl Jones-Walker, Assistant Professor of Educational Studies
  • Sharmaine LaMar, Assistant Vice President for Risk Management and Legal Services, Director of Equal Opportunity
  • Satya Nelms, Wellness Coordinator
  • Aixa Pomales, Director Client Services - ITS
  • Pamela Prescod-Caesar, Vice President for Human Resources, co-chair
  • Patricia Reilly, Associate Provost and Associate Professor of Art History
  • Chanelle Simmons '14
  • Kathy Siwicki, Professor of Biology
  • Mark Wallace, Professor of Religion
  • Joyce Wu '15