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18 February 2020

Staff Advisory Council Meeting 

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Listening to and lifting staff voices to build an informed community


  • Tuesday, Mar 17 SAC meeting, Bond Memorial Hall, 9-10:00 am
  • Thursday, April 2 Spring All-Staff Meeting, Lang Concert Hall, 10:30-Noon
  • Tuesday, May 19 SAC meeting, Bond Memorial Hall, 9-10:00 am
  • June Val Smith to meet with SAC for a report out (tentative)


Susan Eagar, Garry Beauford, Trish Tancredi, Melanie Leeds, Ashley Turner, Paula MacDonald, Diane Fritz, Nabil Kashyap, Susan Romero, Pamela Borkowski-Valentin, Pam Harris

Comments/Questions/Suggestions:  (10 min. each)

  • College Mission Statement Committee
    • Feb 25 - SAC review draft
    • Mar 17 - Discuss 
    • Mar 19 - Send meeting notes/feedback
  • It was suggested that Swarthmore College implement a time donation program, where sick days and vacation days could be donated to another staff member who needs it, or into a pool for any staff member who needed it to use. It was understood that each employee might need to maintain a certain amount as a cushion, but then might be able to donate the extra (especially sick) days. It was noted that some other institutions of higher education currently do this.
    • Human Resources is currently undergoing an analysis of various types of catastrophic leave donation programs for evaluation and consideration.  Upon completion of this analysis, a recommendation will be shared with senior leadership for their review and consideration.
  • Paula MacDonald sent a survey to SAC and AAC members for suggestions on topics for March 9-13 professional staff development week (SDW). Theme is ‘care’. Carebridge will be on campus that week for different sessions.
  • There There, by Tommy Orange, Happy Hour and Book Group : Tuesday, March 10th, sponsored by the Libraries during Spring Break. Email Nabil Kashyap, nkashya1, if you want a copy!
  • I'm not sure if SAC is the right group to ask this question, but I was curious why the college still pays salaried staff on a monthly basis? While most of us are used to it, I think it raises real concerns from an equity and inclusion standpoint. For employees who are new to working or are the only ones working in their household or who don't have significant savings, having to make a paycheck last all month is a real challenge. I'm curious if the College has considered moving to biweekly for everyone, not just hourly staff, at any point or if there is a process in place to assess the feasibility, pros/cons of doing so.
    • We have a long history of paying salaries for staff and faculty on a monthly basis.
    • Current payroll deductions (healthcare etc) would be impacted, and this would take a large amount of staff time to adjust.
    • Would impact how people are currently managing their money, i.e. autopay.
    • Monthly employees are paid in advance.
    • Employees should make proper provisions.
    • Perhaps Vanguard or Carebridge can lead a session on financial planning.