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Senior Thesis

Senior Thesis

Coursework prepares sociology & anthropology majors to write theses during their senior year. The senior thesis enables students to develop their independent research interests while working directly with a faculty member.

Previous Theses

Thesis Advising Request Form

Thesis Information

Thesis Guide

5/11/20, noon: Proposal Due 
9/18/20, noon: Revised Proposal Due 
10/23/20, noon: 1st Chapter Due 
11/20/20, noon: 2nd Chapter Due
12/04/20, noon: Posters Due 
12/07/20, 4:30-6pm: Poster Reception
1/29/21, noon: 3rd Chapter Due 
2/26/21, noon: 4th Chapter Due 

4/01/21, noon: Complete draft of all Theses Due
4/30/21, noon: Final Honors Thesis Due 
5/10/21, noon: Final Course Thesis Due

Poster Guidelines
Primary elements to include for your poster:
Research Question/ Hypothesis
Two or three authors from your Lit Review
Preliminary Findings

Examples of posters.  Please view them before seeing your advisors.