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Human Subjects Research

When Research Involves Human Subjects:
If you are doing research with living humans for the summer and/or for your senior research project, you must have that research approved by either the Departmental Research Committee (DRC) or the Institutional Research Board (IRB). Consult with your advisor as to which is more appropriate.

April 10, 2024: Last day to submit initial DRC application for College funded Summer Research for review . CITI completion certificate due with your application
April 30, 2024: Last day to submit final revised  DRC application for College Summer funded Research
May 1, 2024: Last day to submit initial DRC application for 'other' Summer Research for review 
     CITI completion certificate due with your application
May 30, 2024: Last day to submit final revised  'other' Summer Research DRC application
September 18, 2024: Last day to submit DRC application for review. 
     CITI completion certificate due with your application
October 7, 2024: Last day to submit final revised  DRC application

Swarthmore College's Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Assessment provides important information and guidelines for best research practices. Please refer to the website at the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Assessment.

Below are links to the IRB's guidelines and application and the DRC's guidelines and application.

Crucial Advice for Filling Out DRC Application
Departmental human subjects review application
Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)
Example - Successful DRC Application