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Programs, Projects & Cool Stuff!

The Social Innovation Lab offers a space for Swarthmore Social Innovators to apply their knowledge to create solutions to address some of the world’s most challenging problems.  To support this activity, the Social Innovation Lab offers a range of programs and support initiatives such as Introduction to Design Thinking, Project Planning and Strategic Planning Training, and Social Innovation / Social Entrepreneurship Planning Workshops to bring projects to fruition.  If you’d like more information, email

PEAC060A&B: Social Innovation for peace 

Social Innovation for Peace. 2 Semester International Engaged Scholarship Course.



Swarthmore Students will collaborate with international peace and conflict Social Entrepreneur partners in Colombia, Northern Ireland, and Japan to co-design and deliver a reciprocal learning social innovation project that works toward addressing the legacy of conflict in their respective communities. At the beginning of the course in Fall Semester, students will be matched with a Social Entrepreneur partner in-country, and through classes, case study analysis, and peer learning discussion, will begin to identify,  develop, and prototype solutions ot critical post-conflict related issues. During Winter Break and over summer, students will spend time in-country working directly with their current community partners to test their solution prototypes.

This is a 2-credit class, delivered over two semesters and requires a commitment to Winter and Summer break international travel. Students who start the PEAC 060A in Fall 2019 must complete PEAC 060B in Spring 2020 to receive credit for PEAC 060A.  Places are limited and applicants will be interviewed prior to acceptance and class registration. For details contact Professor Denise Crossan at

The "Social Innovation for Peace" Program is delivered in partnership with the Peace & Conflict Studies program,  the Social Innovation Lab at the Lang Center, and sponsored by the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility.

CIL@SF Trip 2019: PEAC049A Supplemental Course 

From Spring Semester 2019, the annual Center for Innovation and Leadership’s (CIL) CIL@SF trip will align more closely with current classes being taught in Swarthmore, and under this new arrangement will be delivered as a supplemental course to PEAC049: Be the Change! Social Entrepreneurship Principles in Practice.  Students travel to the San Francisco area during Spring Break 2019, and will have the opportunity to meet with Swarthmore alumni who work as social innovators across the public to private spectrum.  Find more information on CIL@SF PEAC049A here.

Swarthmore Social Innovation Lab Projects – Cool Stuff!

 Civic Engagement Map

Swarthmore’s Civic Engagement Mapping Platform is a Social Innovation Lab led project to digitally map college related civic engagement activities, ranging from teaching, research and practice projects, developed and delivered by faculty, staff, students and community of Swarthmore College.  The Civic Engagement Map has 3 primary goals:

  1. Instantly visualize civic engagement practice at the organizational level and identify this engagement across campus geographically,
  2. Through this visualization and ability to search key terms related to civic engagement work and interests, foster greater levels of engagement internally and externally, and
  3. Create a data collection mechanism that aids the measurement of social impact of the work recorded.

 Currently the prototype for the Civic Engagement Map allows users to access their profiles/pins individually to create, add and update information using their College User IDs and passwords.  Current version of the platform is available at: