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Engaged Scholarship Map

Swarthmore's Engaged Scholarship Map is a SIL led project to digitally map Swarthmore's engaged scholarship activities ranging from teaching, research, and practice projects. These projects are developed and delivered by students, faculty, staff, and community members of Swarthmore College.  The has 3 primary goals:

  1. Instantly visualize engaged scholarship work at the organizational level and identify this engagement across campus geographically
  2. Through this visualization and ability to search key terms related to engaged scholarship work and interests, foster greater levels of engagement internally and externally
  3. To aid the measurement of the social impact of the work recorded. 

Using a GPS-style pin mapping platform, the Engaged Scholarship Map allows users to access their profiles/pins individually to create, add, and update information using their College User IDs and passwords.  In 2021/22, Lang Center Associates will review and populate information on the Engaged Scholarship Map and working with the campus community to accurately represent the depth and scale of Engaged Scholarship activities through pins, weblinks, and videos.


Click here to access the pilot version of the Map.