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Message from Ashoka Japan

Nana Watanabe
Chairperson, Ashoka Japan


The commitment and passion for making the world a better place is rooted in empathy. In this case, we define empathy as a cognitive ability that functions much like a muscle and can be trained and strengthened over time. Changemakers are individuals who have developed their cognitive empathy and are relentlessly devoted to translating their empathy into action to make the world a better place.

The 12 Young Changemakers whom we will present this week come from multiple global contexts: Japan, the United States, Pakistan, Kenya, Egypt and France. The permeating thread that connects these 12 different individuals is their Changemaker skills that consists of courage and tenacity to tackle systemic issues for a better tomorrow. In this one-of-a-kind online event, we will also have the privilege to hear from two of our ultimate Changemakers and Ashoka Fellows, Mary Gordon and Bart Weetjens.

今回のYCXのテーマは、「エンパシー (Empathy)」です。
能力」(Cognitive empathy)として捉えています。 21 世紀は、エンパシー能力の訓練が、

ASHOKA JAPAN 創設者・代表 渡邊奈々