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Rubin Mentor Application

We will accept new applications for the Richard Rubin Scholar Mentoring Program in January 2024.

Students will be considered for the Rubin Scholar Mentoring Program through two routes: They can be nominated by a faculty or staff member with whom they already have a mentoring relationship, or they can self-nominate and ask a faculty/staff member to sponsor them and become their campus mentor.

The program was established in 2004 with the fundamental objective to advance the academic, interpersonal, social, and professional success of Swarthmore students who are  first-generation students and/or low income. The Rubin Scholar Selection Committee will select students regardless of their sex, race, ethnic background, age, or sexual orientation. The committee will use the following criteria in evaluating and selecting student candidates:

  • The student is receiving financial aid from Swarthmore College.
  • The student is a currently enrolled first-year, sophomore, or new transfer student.
  • The student is one or both of the following: a first-generation student, low-income student

If a student has not been nominated by a faculty or staff member, the student can nominate themselves, but needs to provide a written recommendation from a faculty/staff member who also agrees to serve as their campus mentor.