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A Message from the President

President Valerie Smith shared this message with the College community on Saturday, April 27:

I’m writing with an update about the most recent activity regarding the protests about the fraternities on campus.

Yesterday, we received the unredacted materials. We have consulted with an external investigator. In consultation with the investigator, I have decided to suspend fraternity activities pending the outcome of an investigation.

My colleagues and I have spoken with students several times in recent weeks, including at a meeting yesterday morning and during the task force meeting yesterday afternoon.

This afternoon, a group of students began a sit-in at the Phi Psi fraternity house. This building is currently leased to Phi Psi and serves as a residence for a current student.

During this situation, which is still ongoing, Public Safety requested Swarthmore Borough Police to provide support and ensure a calm resolution. We are grateful for their presence.

We respect the rights of students at Swarthmore to express their views and beliefs. As Dean Terhune mentioned in his message earlier this week, we will continue to hold students accountable to our community standards. At Swarthmore, civility and dissent must co-exist.  


Valerie Smith