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Pre-Law Preparation

Jorge Xavier
Jorge Xavier Camacho
Political science major
Bronx, N.Y.

"I submitted my personal statements to the Pre-Law office for review and to get some insight into the strengths and weaknesses of my essays. Gigi was invaluable in highlighting the best parts of my essay as well as the areas I needed to improve upon. In the end, I honestly feel my essays were stronger as a result and contributed significantly to the efficacy of my application as a whole.

"In addition to advice on my essays, I consulted with Gigi frequently with regard to recommendations and the LSAT, as well as to get an early assessment of my competitiveness for my target schools. She was very accessible, and frequently I was able to stop by her office without a prior appointment. She was both honest and kind in my dealings with her, and she made sure I was always cognizant of the reality of the situation every step of the way.

"The best advice I can offer to students considering applying to law school is to prepare well in advance for every part of the application. Grades, essays, the LSAT, and recommendations are all incredibly important on their own, and they each deserve adequate time and attention in their development. While the LSAT is arguably the most important single component, even a top score can keep students out of their target law schools if the rest of the application is deficient.

"The goal of the application should be to market yourself uniquely. The application is far from a formality. It is the only opportunity students have at setting themselves apart from the rest of the pack, and while good grades, a good LSAT score, and the Swarthmore pedigree can contribute to this standing out, they are not sufficient. No part of the application should be neglected.

"Cultivating close relationships with professors in order to get remarkable recommendations, remaining diligent with regards to academics to maximize grades, studying well in advance for the LSAT, and dedicating yourself to getting the best score you're capable of, and finding the right angle with which to frame your essays, are all incredibly important factors in producing a competitive and successful application. As such, the biggest advantage a student can grant him- or herself is to allow enough time to ensure that these pieces all fall into place."

Law School Preparation

Senior Kate Aizpuru is bound for Harvard Law School. She credits the Pre-Law Advising staff with providing support and advice during her law school search and application process.

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Gigi Simeone, Ph.D.
Pre-Law Advisor
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Jennifer Lenway
Administrative Assistant
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