Phineas in the News

Phineas the Phoenix reading newspaper

Phineas the Phoenix is no stranger to fame — after all, not everyone (or every bird) can spontaneously combust. Here, he has archived just some of his recent media appearances.


The Swarthmore homepage covered Phineas getting his name at a fun-filled pep rally with a headline story — complete with video!

Mascot Feature

An interview with the Phoenix was prominently displayed as a feature on the Swarthmore homepage.

Parents Newsletter

Swarthmore parents are lucky to be more aware of the Phoenix thanks to an article in the September 2009 Parents Newsletter.

Bulletin Cover

The Phoenix was featured as the cover story (yes, that's right, the cover story) of the July 2008 Swarthmore College Bulletin: "Swarthmore Hatches a Big Red Bird."

Phoenix Tryouts

The Daily Gazette covered the first Phoenix mascot team tryouts in March 2008 with a news article, photo gallery, and even an undercover reporter.


The Daily Gazette also wrote about the creation and design of the mascot in December 2006 and its imminent arrival in February 2008.


The College's own Website announced the choice of the Phoenix as the mascot in June 2006.